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The Universe in the Palm: Hand Sculpture Brought into Collection and Exhibition of Aerospace Items i

National Museum of China   26 Apr 2017
Date : April 25, 2017 - May 25, 2017
Venue : National Museum of China, Gallery N1
Hosted by : National Museum of China, CCTV

Over the past 60 years of remarkable development since its space industry was established in 1956, China has made great achievements in this sphere, including the development of atomic and hydrogen bombs, missiles, man-made satellites, manned spaceflight and lunar probe. It has opened up a path of self-reliance and independent innovation, and has created the spirit of China’s space industry.
On the 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, eleven astronauts who had successfully completed the manned spaceflight missions saluted to the audience nationwide and left their handprints in specially-made nebula moulds. The sculpture named “The Universe in the Palm” is now in permanent collection of the National Museum of China.
To explore the vast cosmos, develop the space industry and build China into a space power is a dream we pursue unremittingly. To celebrate the 2nd China Aerospace Day which is approaching, the National Museum of China organizes this exhibition to eulogize China’s space industry and show respect to those who have made great contributions to this great cause.