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Macao to celebrate Int'l Museum Day with drunken dragon festival

Xinhua   28 Apr 2017
Macao to celebrate International Museum Day which falls on May 18 with traditional rituals and other events, the special administrative region's cultural department said Thursday. 
Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau said the traditional Drunken Dragon Festival will be held early next month to kick off the celebration, featuring Chinese dragon performance, offering sacrifices to ancestors and carnival. 
The festival is to be held at Macao's Red Market, a building which was built over 80 years ago and will serve as a living museum for vendors to sale fresh meat, seafood, vegetables and groceries. 
An exhibition and a symposium will also be held at the market on Macao's traditional rituals, custom and the history of the fishermen, the bureau added. 
A number of other events, such as seminars and work shops, will also be held next month to mark International Museum Day.