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‘One Belt and One Road’ exhibition coming to Beijing in late May

Global Times   28 Apr 2017
The opening ceremony for the One Belt and One Road: The Silk Road Culture and Art Exhibitions was held in Beijing on Wednesday. 
At the event, organizers announced that the exhibition showcasing B&R-themed art works from Chinese veteran artists will open to the public on May 28 in Beijing.
Organized by institutions including the China Arts Festival Foundation and the China Institute for Innovation and Development Strategy, the exhibition will display artworks including traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy works, as well as contemporary oil paintings focusing on the Belt and Road initiative from by veteran Chinese artists such as Fan Zeng and He Jiaying, the organizers announced at the ceremony.
In addition to the opening ceremony, a seminar attended by experts and veteran artists in China's cultural industry was also held. 
During the seminar, industry insiders including Wang Nengxian, deputy head of the Chinese National Academy of Arts, and Ding Zongjiang, an art researcher at the National Art Museum of China, discussed cultural and economic development under the B&R initiative. 
"The development of culture and that of the economy along the Silk Road is complementary, just like the two wheels of a cart or the two wings of a bird," Wang said at the seminar. 
"We should take the B&R initiative as an opportunity to promote our culture to the world," Wang noted.
In addition to talking about the B&R initiative's promotion of China's cultural industry, speakers also discussed the initiative's potential influence on artistic creation.
"The B&R initiative is sure to provide Chinese artists new ideas for the creation of art," said Xu Guoli, a veteran painter and calligrapher, at the seminar.