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New Beijing Parkview Museum exhibit seeks to bridge Asia and Europe

Global Times   05 May 2017

Art work Sawing or being sawed (2008) by Chinese artist Wang Luyan at the ongoing Bridging Asia-Europe exhibition at the Parkview Museum in Beijing Photo: Courtesy of the Parkview Museum

A new exhibition curated by Hungarian art critic Lorand Hegyi, Bridging Asia-Europe, kicked off at Beijing's Parkview Museum on Monday. 
Aiming to act as a platform for communication between Asia and Europe, the exhibition features important works from three well-established artists: China's Wang Luyan, Italy's Gianni Dessi and Austria's Alois Mosbacher. 
"The three artists invited for this first installment of Bridging Asia-Europe represent a generation born at the beginning of the 1950s, during the period of the Cold War and the division of the world into two antagonistic hemispheres; a generation that witnessed the Vietnam War, the events of 1968 in both parts of Europe, Paris and Prague, and the Afghan War; [they also witnessed] Perestroika and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the end of the Cold War, the emergence of a new economical system, the establishment of the economic power of Asia, the birth and development of global terrorism and the various wars in Arabic [sic] countries, alongside unprecedented prosperity," Hegyi wrote in the preface to the exhibition. 
The exhibition is also looking to give viewers an opportunity to learn and appreciate artistic ideas, traditions and languages from different cultural backgrounds. 
"…This dialogue provides a deeper understanding of 'The Other' and opens new roads of empathic participation in the culture of The Other," the curator wrote in the preface. 
The exhibition is scheduled to run until September 17.