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Colorful China -Exhibition of Ethnic Minorities’ Weaving, Printing and Dyeing, and Embroidery

Keywords: Colorful China , Weaving, Embroidery

Weaving, printing and dyeing, and embroidery are ancient Chinese handicrafts. Through the long-term production practice, Chinese ethnic minorities have accumulated rich experience in producing those beautiful handicrafts, which play an important role in the history of Chinese weaving, printing and dyeing, and embroidery. Due to the living environment, religion, history, culture, traditions and customs, the skills and colors they use and the pattern structure and symbolic meanings of the handicrafts vary greatly. They produce the most colorful and beautiful artworks by using the natural materials to weave, print and dye, and the needles and thread to embroider beautiful patterns. The value of these artworks can not be measured by the standard of the business community, because they are the products of the handicraftsmen’s passion for life and their extreme focus on art, which reflects a nation’s cultural connotations.

Area: 500-1000㎡
Graded Objects: 80 Pieces(Set)
Availability: 31 Jul 2016--31 Jul 2017

Height Limitation: 4 m
Gallery Environment Control:Temperature 24℃, Humidity 40 %
Professional Showcase:Yes ,N/A
Professional Lighting:Yes ,N/A
Safety & Security:Yes ,N/A
Number of Staff: 3

Exhibition History:No

Exhibition Format Exhibition Date Visitor Figure Venue Remarks Operation


List of Objects:No
Photo of Highlight Objects:

Gallery Photo:N/A.
Promotional Material:No
Exhibition Catalogue:No

Related Products of the Exhibition:No

Smart Tour Guide:No

Virtual Exhibition:No

Interactive Installation:No

Other Support Documents:No



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