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The Fun of Mud -Spectacular Exhibition of Shiwan Ware

Keywords: Shiwan Ware, Mud, architecture

Shiwan ware is named after Shiwan Town, Foshan City. It can be traced back to the Tang and Song Dynasties and saw its heyday during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. According to historical records, at the peak of Shiwan ware, there were 107 kilns and over 60,000 potters.

Varieties of Shiwan ware include daily utensils, fine arts and architecture, and the fine arts ceramics are the most outstanding, with a number of subjects including figures, animals,practical art vessels , gardening and miniatures. Shiwan art earthenware is thick in body, bright and smooth with colored glaze, and lifelike in shape,embodying folk traditions, rural and urban life and intellectual activity . Shiwan wares are endearingly referred to as “Shiwan dolls”, owing to their plain, sincere, natural andcordial aesthetic tastes. In their scope and ability to combine creation and imitation, Shiwan art wares represent a miracle in the history of earthenware.

Area: <500㎡
Graded Objects: 94 Pieces(Set)
Availability: 20 Jun 2016--20 Jul 2017

Height Limitation: 4 m
Gallery Environment Control:Temperature 24℃, Humidity 30 %
Professional Showcase:Yes ,N/A
Professional Lighting:Yes ,N/A
Safety & Security:Yes ,N/A
Number of Staff: 4

Exhibition History:No

Exhibition Format Exhibition Date Visitor Figure Venue Remarks Operation


List of Objects:No
Photo of Highlight Objects:

Gallery Photo:N/A.
Promotional Material:No
Exhibition Catalogue:No

Related Products of the Exhibition:No

Smart Tour Guide:No

Virtual Exhibition:No

Interactive Installation:No

Other Support Documents:No



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