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The Winds of Studying in France

Keywords: the People's Republic of China, the May 4th Movement, France

Based on the theme of “The Winds of Studying in France--A special exhibition of celebration and 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and 90th anniversary of the May 4th Movement”, the exhibition is composed of five sections: senior Alliance Committee members and the launching of work-for-study in France; organization and preparatory school for studying abroad; provinces involved in the movement of work-for-study in France; activities of students in France; influence of work-for-study in France. Over 200 precious pictures are on display for a comprehensive illustration of the movement including the background, major events and significance, expecting the visitors to get a deeper understanding of the modern history ofChinaand the Chinese spirit of constantly striving for improvement.

Area: <500㎡
Graded Objects: 60 Pieces(Set)
Availability: 31 Jul 2016--31 Jul 2017

Height Limitation: 5 m
Gallery Environment Control:Temperature 24℃, Humidity 40 %
Professional Showcase:Yes ,N/A
Professional Lighting:Yes ,N/A
Safety & Security:No ,N/A
Number of Staff: 5

Exhibition History:No

Exhibition Format Exhibition Date Visitor Figure Venue Remarks Operation


List of Objects:No
Photo of Highlight Objects:

Gallery Photo:N/A.
Promotional Material:No
Exhibition Catalogue:Yes

Related Products of the Exhibition:No

Smart Tour Guide:No

Virtual Exhibition:No

Interactive Installation:No

Other Support Documents:No



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