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Cradle on Back -Baby-trages of Minorities

Keywords: Baby, Trages, Minorities

Hailed as the cradle on back, the baby-trage has been passed on from generation to generation. It is not only a nursery tool but a kind of folk art which is still very popular in minority areas. Women take babies with it while shopping, visiting friends, working in the fields and doing housework. It has become a necessity to housewives by settling the contradiction between working and taking care of babies.

The craft of baby-trage is an embodiment of women’s intelligence and talents in minority areas inChina. The craftswoman decorates it by dyeing, paper-cutting, brocading and embroidering, coordinating with some special ornaments which can frighten away the evil and wish the babies grow up healthily and live a long life. Every baby-trage takes a mother several months and painstaking effort, so it bears mother’s expectation for the coming of a new baby. In others words, baby-trage symbolizes circulation and continuation of life as well as a blessing for continuing human society.

Auspicious decorations on baby-trage not only reflect mothers’ wishes for their babies to be happy, wealthy and healthy, but also implicate minority’s aesthetic view, primitive faith and spiritual pursuit. 

More than 70 baby-trages from different areas, different ethnics and in different forms are on exhibition with the purpose to vividly illustrate minority’s cultural features, craftworks, aesthetic view, spiritual pursuit, fertility concept, social customs and so on.

Area: <500㎡
Graded Objects: 98 Pieces(Set)
Availability: 22 Jun 2016--22 Jun 2017

Height Limitation: 4 m
Gallery Environment Control:Temperature 24℃, Humidity 360 %
Professional Showcase:Yes ,N/A
Professional Lighting:Yes ,N/A
Safety & Security:Yes ,N/A
Number of Staff: 5

Exhibition History:No

Exhibition Format Exhibition Date Visitor Figure Venue Remarks Operation


List of Objects:No
Photo of Highlight Objects:

Gallery Photo:N/A.
Promotional Material:No
Exhibition Catalogue:No

Related Products of the Exhibition:No

Smart Tour Guide:No

Virtual Exhibition:No

Interactive Installation:No

Other Support Documents:No



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