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Please Notice

1.When you place an order, you should remark your tracking number of your forwarding package;
2.If you forget to remark the tracking number when you place an order, please contact us immediately or you can

 leave us a message about the tracking number.

3.One thing should be noticed that our warehouse refuses to accept the unpaid forwarding package. If you want us 

to help you pay for it, please make sure your balance of Citygobuy’s account is enough for us to deduct it and use it 

to pay for the shipping fee of the parcel later.

Forwarding Process

The product to be forwarded will be verified first; we suggest that you estimate the international shipping cost before submitting the parcel.

There has 4 steps for forwarding parcel.

Step1: Contact the online customer service to confirm whether the product could be forwarded, if it could, you can shipthe parcel you want to forwarding to the warehouse of Citygobuy.

The warehouse address of Citygobuy is

广东省深圳市宝安区福永街道兴围社区兴华路21号(锦驰物流园)三楼B1 Tommy收,15766393540 邮编:518103

Step2: Submit a Forwarding order online, remark the domestic logistic company and the track number of your parcel, then waiting for the warehouse receive your parcel.

Step3: After your parcel was put in the warehouse of Citygobuy, you can submit it for international shipping. If you have more than one product stored in the warehouse you can consolidate the products into a single parcel. 

Step4: Pay for the International shipping fee, then we will shipping the parcel for you.

Forwarding Service Scope

The products submitted for the parcel forwarding service will only be consolidated and checked for restrictions; no quantity count or professional quality inspection service will be provided.

In general Citygobuy will only confirm the product to be forwarded is not prohibited, does not provide specific inventory and professional quality inspection services. If you need to verify the quantity, color, size and other information of the product, please contact the online customer service.

Citygobuy will only confirm that the product to be forwarded is not prohibited. Basic check for the quantity, color, and size of the product will also be provided; however, detailed quantity check and quality inspection service will not be provided. If part of the product is missing, please contact the sender and verify the information. Citygobuy will not bear any responsibility unless it was Citygobuy that lost your product. For special or professional products, no professional quality inspection will be provided. Please use the product photos provided by Citygobuy to verify if the product is not purchased by Citygobuy. If you need complete service and quality inspection service for the product, we suggest that you use the Citygobuy shopping agent service.

logistics risk

As a service platform, Citygobuy is partnered with numerous third-party logistics providers who ship the products we purchased to you. Citygobuy is not responsible for the confiscation, damage, loss, or delay of the products that occurred due to the policy of the customs or the uncontrollable risks associated with the international transportation. However, Citygobuy will warn you about the possible risks ahead of time. We will improve our logistics insurance services, since we want to help you assess possible risks and minimize possible losses.