Packed with Bubble Bags

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Packed with Bubble Bags

Definition: "Packed with Bubble Bags" is a value-added service that uses air column bags to pack and strengthen fragile commodities

Service Description:

1. The product is fully covered with air-column buffer protection and has strong shock resistance. It is mainly used for packaging and reinforcement of fragile products such as ceramics and glass products. It is not recommended to choose "Packed with Bubble Bags" for other products;

2. When the product status is "Warehousing" or "Can submit parcel", you can purchase the "Packed with Bubble Bags", and the product weight will be updated after the packaging is completed;

3. "Packed with Bubble Bags" is charged according to the quantity of goods. When purchasing this service, please take the corresponding purchase quantity according to the quantity of goods. For example, if the order B21032413464140 contains 3 glasses, the quantity of services to be purchased is 3. (If the quantity of goods is inconsistent with the quantity purchased, you need to repurchase)

Completion time and presentation method: The order will be processed within 24 hours after the user purchases the service. Provide a picture of the packaged product through the station letter (if the product does not arrive in the warehouse, we will process it after the product arrives in the warehouse)