Extend Storage period of Goods

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Value added service of "Extend Storage period of Goods"

In order to meet the needs of customers who want to extend the storage service, Citygobuy has launched the service of "extending the storage period of goods".

Charging standard: 10 yuan / order (number begins with B) / 30 days


Service ordering instructions:

1. When purchasing the service of "Extend Storage period of Goods", please leave a message in the remarks column, and fill in the number of goods (B + number) that need to extend the storage period, for example: B820214140 ××.

2. The free storage period of goods starts from the time when the order status is changed to "package can be submitted". Goods over 300 days will be overdue. Please purchase this service before the expiration.

3. The storage unit time of "extended storage period of goods" service is 30 days, so each order shall be extended at least 30days. For example, if you fill in "1" on the "quantity" of the order B820214140 ××, , the storage period shall be extended by 30 days.

4. If the service fee is successfully paid, we will inform you of the service process and the storage period in the form of a message within 24 hours. For example, the storage period of your goods (B820214140 ××) is successfully extended to XX, 20XX.


Ps: if you want to know the exact storage time of the goods, you can leave a message on the order or consult the online customer service.